Technical Info Documents
Aqua Wise Intro Aqua Wise Fescue Blend Introduction
Aqua Wise Turf Seed mixes Aqua Wise Turf Seed mixes
Fine Fescue Mixes: Native ornamental & functional native grass mixes
Fine Fescue Mixes: NON-MOW non-native grass mix, sod match
Fine Fescue Mixes: Non-Native ornamental & functional non-native grass mix
Native Grass Lawns species suitable for seeding alternative lawns
Native Grasses on Golf Course why, when, where....
Native Perennial Grasses how to plan, plant, establish & maintain native seeded grasses
Planting A Lawn how to plant, renovate, maintain
Rhizomes in Turfgrass definition, discussion of claims & benefits
Turfgrass Drill Seeding Specifications
Turfgrass Hydroseedding Specifications
Turfgrass Mixes: General Uses general use turfgrass seed mixes
Turfgrass Mixes: Specialty Uses turfgrass seed mixes for shade, saline conditions, etc.
Turfgrass Mixes: Sports Uses Sportsclub Team Mixes outlined
Turfgrass Mixes: Turf-Type Tall Fescues mixes consisting of all or mostly turf-type tall & dwarf fescues
Turfgrass Seed Growth variables: temperature, days to emerge, growth periods
Turfgrass Seeding sowing rates & mowing heights
Turfgrass Types overview of various types of seeded turfgrass