Technical Info Documents
BFM: HydroBlanket (R) Bonded Fiber Matrix product description
Binder: M-Binder specification model
Binder: M-Binder flyer descriptive flyer
Bioswales general definition
Compost: Hydropost product description
District 4 Seeding Guidelines CalTrans DRAFT document
Erosion Control Seeding Treatment specification model (general)
FGM: Flexterra (TM) Flexible Growth Medium product description
Guide to Phytoremediation DRAFT document regarding seeded solutions to highway run-off
Hydromulch: Conwed 1000 product description
Native Grass Mixes with HydroStraw specification model: native seeding on straw mulched site
SFM: EarthGuard (R) Stabilized Fiber Matrix product description
SFM: TerraMatrix (tm) Stabilized Fiber Matrix product description
Straw Mulch: StrawNet dry pellet application product description