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Technical Info Documents
Aqua Wise Intro Aqua Wise Fescue Blend Introduction
Aqua Wise Turf Seed mixes Aqua Wise Turf Seed mixes
BFM: HydroBlanket (R) Bonded Fiber Matrix product description
Binder: M-Binder specification model
Binder: M-Binder flyer descriptive flyer
Bioswales general definition
Bioswales Bay Area Mixes 4 seed mixes suitable for Greater Bay Area
California Native Clovers & Legumes California Native Clovers & Legumes - Product
California Native Grass Mixes California Native Grass Mixes - Product
California Native Grasses California Native Grasses - Product
Collection & Production Contracts billing rates & terms (model)
Collection & Production Options special seed procurement services
District 4 Seeding Guidelines CalTrans DRAFT document
Erosion Control Mixes Erosion Control Mixes - Product
Erosion Control Seeding Treatment specification model (general)
Erosion Control/Reclamation/Revegetation Grasses Erosion Control/Reclamation/Revegetation Grasses - Product
FGM: Flexterra (TM) Flexible Growth Medium product description
Fine Fescue Mixes: Native ornamental & functional native grass mixes
Fine Fescue Mixes: NON-MOW non-native grass mix, sod match
Fine Fescue Mixes: Non-Native ornamental & functional non-native grass mix
Guide to Phytoremediation DRAFT document regarding seeded solutions to highway run-off
Hydromulch: Conwed 1000 product description
Lawn Seed (Packaged) Lawn Seed (Packaged) - Product
Mycorrhizal Inoculum specification model
Mycorrhizal Inoculum AM-120 product description
Native Grass Lawns species suitable for seeding alternative lawns
Native Grass Mixes with HydroStraw specification model: native seeding on straw mulched site
Native Grass Planting Schedule schedule for planting & maintaining
Native Grasses on Golf Course why, when, where....
Native Perennial Grasses how to plan, plant, establish & maintain native grasses
Nurseries listed by company name Listing of stores that carry our seeds. Alphabetical by company name.
Nurseries listed by location Listing of stores that carry our seeds. Alphabetical by location.
Planning Your Project A form to use while planning projects.
Planting A Lawn how to plant, renovate, maintain
Pure Live Seed definition, how to calculate
Reclamation Clovers & Legumes Reclamation Clovers & Legumes - Product
Rhizomes in Turfgrass definition, discussion of claims & benefits
SFM: EarthGuard (R) Stabilized Fiber Matrix product description
SFM: TerraMatrix (tm) Stabilized Fiber Matrix product description
Sportsclub Team Turf Mixes Sportsclub Team Turf Mixes - Product
Turfgrass Drill Seeding Specifications
Turfgrass Hydroseedding Specifications
Turfgrass Mixes & Blends Turfgrass Mixes & Blends - Product
Turfgrass Mixes: General Uses general use turfgrass seed mixes
Turfgrass Mixes: Specialty Uses turfgrass seed mixes for shade, saline conditions, etc.
Turfgrass Mixes: Sports Uses Sportsclub Team Mixes outlined
Turfgrass Mixes: Turf-Type Tall Fescues mixes consisting of all or mostly turf-type tall & dwarf fescues
Turfgrass Seed Growth variables: temperature, days to emerge, growth periods
Turfgrass Seeding sowing rates & mowing heights
Turfgrass Types overview of various types of seeded turfgrass
Wildflowers (Packaged) Wildflowers (Packaged for Retail) - Product
Wildflowers, Forbs & Shrubs Bulk - Product
Wildflowers: California Series Wildflowers: California Series - Product