After 25 years in business, Pacific Coast Seed plays a major role in the supply
of seed and ancillary materials to the erosion & sediment control market, to the restoration
& reclamation industry, and to the turf & ornamental landscape trade.

Since 1985, Pacific Coast Seed’s facilities have grown from one 200-square foot garage to 20,000 square feet of warehousing with capacity to store and process an extensive inventory of seed, amendments, hydro mulches and fertilizers.

Headquartered in Livermore and led by company founder, owner & operator, David Gilpin, a dozen fulltime personnel and seasonal employees keep Pacific Coast Seed in prime position to serve clients throughout Northern California and Northwest Nevada.

Our dealings with all the major seed growers & producers support our position as the region’s single largest purveyor of California native seeds. Our longstanding relationships with all the major distributors of mulch, fertilizer, tackifer & special additives allow our clients to be confident that our prices remain competitive and that we will have the right materials on hand when it is time to get the job done.